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  • Quốc gia: Việt Nam
  • Thành phố: DN
  • Năm thành lập: 2001

Company GUMITRA UAB (Vilnius city, Lithuania, Europan Union) is OTR, TBR, AGRI, PCR tyre distributor and offers full range premium, economy and budget brand tyres for supplye on long-term contracts as well as on spot basis.


We offer radial and bias BELSHINA brand tyres:

-          Tyres for heavy duty dump trucks: 18.00-25, 21.00-33, 21.00-35, 24.00-35, 24.00R35, 45/65R45, 24.00-49, 27.00-49, 27.00R49, 31/90-49, 33.00-51, 33.00R51, 40.00-57, 46/90-57and others direct from the manufacturer JSC BELSHINA to the mining industry.

-          Tyres for road-building and industrial machines: 35/65-33, 26.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 17.5-25 and other sizes.

-          Tyres for trucks and buses: 385/65R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 12.00R20, 11.00R20, 10.00R20, 9.00R20, 1300x530-533 and other sizes.

-          Tyres for tractors and agricultural machines: 580/70R42, 520/70R38, 480/70R38, 18.4R38, 16.9R38, 15.5R38, 18.4R34, 30.5L-32, 30.5R32, 480/70R30, 18.4R30, 16.9R30, 620/75R26, 28.1R26, 28LR26, 21.3-24, 18.4-24, 420/70R24, 420/70R24, 360/70R24, 16.0-20, 13.6-20, 11.2-20, 9.0R20, 7.5-20, 16.5/70-18, 13.0/70-18, 12.4L-16, 10.00-16 and others.

You will find below our offer and we would be glad to prepare for you full price lists per request.

Contact us for details.

Company: Gumitra UAB, Savanoriu ave. 159A, LT-03150 Vilnius, Lithuania (Europe).



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